Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jorge Etcheverry

Spontaneous generation
Generation of life, the discovery of a species of cockroach that I didn´t know and I have never seen, rather long and lying on the tile of the bathroom floor, seemingly dead but that after a few days or hours they have changed slightly their position. Then it comes a little guilty reflection of establishing this trivial fact in the bathroom of my apartment—actually the second flat of a house in a quarter more or less trendy—instead of following the news that spread the world with poppies of blood. Anyways, but there’s always the appeal to tradition, as it is established, and I quote  'the microcosm reflects the macrocosm'. With that apology that does not deceive me I feel that my associations lead me to ancient and equally discredited things, like that of spontaneous generation, the possible emergence of complex, animal and plant life, spontaneously, according to Wikipedia.

Triangulation with unknown apex

The quadrature of the circle is not impossible in the field of the psychology. Eggheads are usually also full squares. The problem of the physicist, formed in some North American university of fame but not foreign to eschatology for family reasons—an ancient lineage that goes back to Calvinism— is that by following Einstein and many others he saw a divinity behind or around, or being that which is called—and we call— universe, that being this way created surely it exists and we as human species would be more or less to the center. This is quite normal uncontroversial and unspectacular. For example, if one works loading and unloading packages in any port of entry—-air, land or sea—is also going to need such support: if the reality is not real, and I have no way of knowing whether or not it is real, then today I am not  getting out of bed. Or perhaps yes, definitively yes, because in order to accomplish the natural imperatives that are not at all of disagreeable when one satisfies them, actually a Last Sense of everything is not needed and one has to get up of the bed. After a fairly heavy day in the laboratory the physicist dreamed he was in the center of a triangulation whose left corner was the Devil and the right God, but in the lower—or perhaps apex— it depends on from where you look, there was an unknown entity

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Instalación en la casa de Parra en Las Cruces

Instalación en la casa de Parra en Las Cruces
Chile, 2005, Foto de Patricio Luco. Se pueden ver en esta "Biblioteca mínima indispensable" el Manual de Carreño, el Manifiesto Comunista y Mi Lucha

Chile, 2005

Chile, 2005
Una foto con el vate Nicanor Parra, candidato al premio Nobel de Literatura